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OrthoMedics: Jake Keough

Nov 19, 2020 04:34PM ● By Janet Tilden
Jacob Keough of OrthoMedics

"We’re here to solve problems,” OrthoMedics Founder Jacob Keough said. “The patients that come into our clinic have more than a prescription for a brace, or prosthetic limb. They all have a problem that they are counting on us to solve.” 

OrthoMedics was founded in 2008 and provides services to adults and pediatric patients including prosthetic limbs, orthotic braces, custom insoles and diabetic footwear. “Our goal is to find the best possible solution for each patient,” Keough said. “Every patient has their own individual goals, so we work hard to design their device around the things that are most important to them.”

OrthoMedics facility includes a very modern orthotic and prosthetic fabrication lab and allows them to offer world class orthotic and prosthetic devices to all patients served.  “Nearly every device we provide is fabricated by hand in our facility,” Keough said. “This allows us the freedom to create devices customized for each individual and deliver them quickly.”

13217 F St.
Omaha, NE 68137

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