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Mount Michael Benedictine School

Nov 17, 2020 08:31AM ● By T S
student wearing mask at desk

Mount Michael Benedictine School boasts a storied past. “Mount Michael began as St. John’s Seminary for young men looking to join the priesthood in 1955,” says director of admissions Thomas Maliszewski. “In the year 1970, it shifted to a college prep boarding school for young men. It has been Mount Michael Benedictine ever since, and many of the same monks and priests that began in the seminary remain at Mount Michael to this day.”

As a boarding school, Mount Michael stands out within the Omaha metro area. “The college prep curriculum, teaching staff, and monastic community are the highlights of a Mount Michael learning experience, however, the residential side adds a layer of independency, self- discipline, structure, and communal brotherhood that you absolutely cannot get at any other school in the area,” Maliszewski explains.

Students are challenged each day at Mount Michael in many different ways. The Benedictine values of Community, Hospitality, Integrity, Service, and Moderation are preached to the young men. While a Mount Michael education develops their minds, these values develop their soul.

Mount Michael Benedictine School