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Mixan Mudjacking

Nov 09, 2020 05:06PM ● By Janet Tilden
Bob Mixan and crew, Mixan Mudjacking

"In this part of the country, concrete moves around constantly,” noted Bob Mixan, owner of Mixan Mudjacking. “In dry years the soil shrinks because there’s not enough moisture, and in wet years it swells because there’s too much moisture. You also have movement from cycles of freezing and thawing.” 

As a result of all this activity, concrete slabs often become uneven. How can you fix the problem without tearing out the concrete and starting over? 

The answer is mudjacking—raising a concrete slab by drilling 1-inch holes and injecting a mixture of Portland and limestone. Mudjacking is much faster and less expensive than replacing a slab. Best of all, Mixan Mudjacking issues warranties. “With a new driveway you don’t get any kind of warranty,” Mixan pointed out.

Mixan Mudjacking has been helping homeowners, businesses, and farmers solve their concrete problems for fourteen years. “We’re here to stay,” Mixan said. “We want to do a good job for people and treat them right so we’ll be able to stay in business for another 50 years.”

Mixan Mudjacking
16902 S. 180th St.
Springfield, NE  68059

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