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Marco: Dustin Bonn

Oct 26, 2020 10:15PM ● By T S
Dustin Bonn of Marco

Marco often hears from clients that they are concerned about getting hacked, not confident that they are secure and find it difficult to mitigate risk to their organization. As a leading business technology provider, Marco helps organizations identify risks, protect their environment, detect and respond to suspicious activity, and help them recover if needed. 

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, a government institution that provides standards, guidelines, and best practices, has identified five key areas of security that every business should address. “Most technology providers only focus on two areas,” said Dustin Bonn, IT sales manager for Marco. “Our IT services address all five.”

“Our approach gives business owners a more predictable model for combating threats, and it relieves IT folks of complex and ever-changing issues that tie up so much of their time,” Bonn said.

Many businesses don’t realize the biggest breaches aren’t because of firewall issues, but because employees aren’t properly trained on cyber security. Marco’s IT services include training users on all of the seemingly innocent ways cybercriminals target businesses.

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