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Isla Del Mar

Oct 15, 2020 04:42PM ● By Janet Tilden
staff of Isla del Mar

"I want people to come into the restaurant and feel like they’re at home,” said Ismara Gonzalez, owner of Isla Del Mar (“Island of the Sea”). “Since I was little, I’ve shown my love for others by cooking for them.”

Isla Del Mar opened in May 2017 and moved to a more spacious location in July 2019. One of the most popular menu items is ceviche, in which raw or cooked seafood is marinated in lime juice, salt, and pepper for several hours. The dish is then combined with tomato, cucumber, and cilantro and served cold with tostadas. Sushi is another popular choice. “We have people from different countries working with us, so we offer dishes that are more international,” Ismara noted. “Our goal is to provide the best quality and the best service so that people keep coming back.” 

Suppliers in Omaha, Kansas City, and Los Angeles provide Isla Del Mar with a wide variety of high-quality seafood. “We sell a lot of octopus, and I think we have the best octopus in Omaha,” Gonzalez added.

Isla Del Mar
5101 S. 36th St.
Omaha, NE 68107

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