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Igel Orthodontics: Dr. Kort Igel

Oct 08, 2020 04:25PM ● By T S
Dr. Kort Igel of Igel Orthodontics

He’s supported the healthy smiles of thousands of patients over many years, but “I am still as passionate about it today as I was when I first started,” Dr. Kort Igel said. He’s always been willing to look beyond the standard of care. Airway orthodontics, which focuses on addressing breathing concerns in orthodontic care, has been a positive evolution in the field in recent years. But it’s something Igel has been doing for decades.

“We’ve been an airway-centered practice for 25 years,” he said. “We individualize everyone’s treatment plan with the airway in mind as priority one. We want to minimize permanent extractions and never use headgear.”

He’s still on the cutting edge today. For instance, whether patients want Braces or Invisalign, Igel provides Propel VPro+ at the start of treatment. “Propel is a device that when used for five minutes a day can reduce treatment by up to 50 percent, minimizes discomfort, and actually increases bone density in the retention phase of treatment,” Igel said.

Everyone can have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Igel Orthodontics
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