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Omaha Fashion Week 2020: Discordia and Harmonia

Sep 02, 2020 02:56PM ● By Lindsay Seldera
Maang fashion collection by Yasi Fayal

Photography by Bayani Seldera

Omaha Fashion Week’s Fall 2020 season showcased innovation both in the design of the event and the designs that walked the runway. The team behind OFW continued its tradition of highlighting the fashion talent the Midwest has to offer—but with a few pandemic-friendly tweaks—from Aug. 27 through Aug. 30.

A cross-shaped runway created more space for more attendees in the front row, but overall seating was reduced to 40% of the venue's capacity. Everyone at the event, which included valet parking, cocktails, and canapes, had the opportunity to show off show their best looks, which included their most stylish face masks. The OFW Fall 2020 event also included a livestream of the shows for those with digital tickets ($40 each), making it accessible to any fashionista, including those who are at high risk of catching COVID-19. 

The designer pop-up shop took place via video chat as opposed to in-person. Instead of waiting in line to get a chance to speak with with designers and shop their work, ticket holders were able to access the digital pop-up for a video chat with the designer to support their work each night after the show. 

This year, the emerging designers’ work went above and beyond. During Thursday evening’s showcase, named “Discordia” for the Roman goddess of strife and discord, fashion students brought their ideas to life on the runway. Students crafted lots of bright looks and small, painstakingly detailed collections. Clothes ranged from streetwear to wedding dresses, with themes of the American West to Outer Space, and the evening inspired a feeling of optimism that the fashion industry is ready to evolve. 

After the “Discordia” showcase followed Friday’s showcase, named “Harmonia” after the Greek goddess of harmony and concord. Established designers kicked it up another notch with nontraditional construction of garments. The energy of late summer was evident in the designs. The experience and expertise of the designers was clear in their attention to detail—including the most minute embroidery and stitching. Many ready-to-wear and artistic pieces were vibrantly inspired by the natural world. Where Discordia inspired a sense of wonder at the future, Harmonia offered a chance to stand in awe of the present moment. 

Saturday night’s VIP showcase recapped the top-voted designers from the previous days. It also featured looks by a crowd favorite, Chicago-based designer Borris Powell of Borris Powell Designs. With over seven years of collaboration with Omaha Fashion Week, Powell brought the audience to their feet with his exciting presentation of his designs. 

Omaha Fashion Week creators Brooke and Nick Hudson, and vice president of community Buf Reynolds, stuck out as they greeted audience members and supported designers and models. The personal connections they, and their team, take the time to create are a key part of what makes Omaha Fashion Week different from events in other cities. 

This season they were tasked with finding new ways to create those personal moments for everyone who participated in the show or the livestream. Those moments became more personal and meaningful with the updated structure of the show. 

The Fall 2020 season was a needed moment of celebration during the pandemic. 

Click here for more information on Omaha Fashion Week and this season’s designers. 


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