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Bartender Ryan Langenegger

May 29, 2020 02:40PM ● By Tara Spencer

Ryan Langenegger
The Sydney, The Waiting Room, and Reverb Lounge

If the name Ryan Langenegger sounds familiar, it’s because he has been in the news before, for defending his friends outside PepperJax in the Old Market. Others might just recognize him from his work in the bar industry around Omaha. 

The former Marine worked at Brickway Brewery & Distillery, bartending and helping with the brewing and distilling process, before making his way to Benson, where he now works at The Sydney, The Waiting Room, and Reverb Lounge. 

Like most of his peers, Langenegger enjoys the social aspect of his job, especially having “the ability to be the better part of someone else’s day.” He said he never has to dread going to work. 

For someone who so thoroughly enjoys his job, not being able to work due to COVID-19 has been tough. 

“I was in a state of shock when I found out,” he said. “All of my income was solely based on tips, while having very little money in savings.”  

The one upside is that he has been able to be more active outside, which is a plus for the avid runner. He later added that it has also been nice getting to spend more time with his girlfriend, as they had opposite schedules before, and now she is working from home. He said he’s also been cooking more. “I’m like, a basic ’50s housewife. I cook dinner and clean.” And yes, he sometimes wears an apron. 

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