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Alzuri, Spirit Guide

May 29, 2020 02:28PM ● By Tara Spencer

Manager (of sorts)
Spirit World

Alzuri, 44, holds a unique title at Spirit World—Liquorpedia (formerly Spirit Guide). “While that may be my title, my role is to manage the store, host the events, and ‘painfully’ taste through all the new items that come in to make sure that we can share that knowledge with staff and customers.”

He said he has been in the service industry for most of his life. “Even when I ‘grew up’ and got a ‘real job’ [in technology and network security], I still kept at least one night a week behind a bar because I love it.” 

He added that he’s worked in several sectors of the industry, “but bars are where I feel most at home.” Though he’s had no formal education in the industry, he said it’s not because he doesn’t believe in their value. “My job has always just put me in a position to sink or swim.” 

The coronavirus has affected his work and personal life “With trying to grow and adjust to the current needs of customers, my workload has actually increased…we had to adjust quickly to set up online ordering and delivery, as well as interactive zoom events.” This hasn’t gone unnoticed, as his significant other and daughter are now spending more time at home. 

“Here is an occupation, especially at my level, that my social life is professional,” he said. “We like to joke that I am a professional drinker. Before the current pandemic, I would stand in a room full of people and get to drink with them and share what I know. Now…I spend a lot more time in front of a screen than in front of customers.”

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