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60 Plus Opener: May 2020

Apr 15, 2020 01:41PM ● By Gwen Lemke

What an adventure we have been having these past few weeks. During this crazy pandemic, people have been working from home, and hopefully, they stay home when possible. Although it is tough some days to not go directly to the store when you run out of milk or stay home when we want to visit the library, it has been important to remember that people over age 60 are susceptible to illnesses of all types.

This issue of 60-Plus is a part of our Adventure Issue, and we are spotlighting some marvelous people who have been on unique adventures over the past year, decade, and longer.

Our Active Living is about Pat Whitaker, who has been skeet shooting for six decades. He has also been a friend and mentor to many young skeet shooters as a coach for shooting teams. 

In another article, we profile Sandra Martin, an Omahan in her 70s who undertook a solo trip to Israel to study the Jewish tradition of Kabbalah.

Suffering from foot pain certainly is not fun, but, although it afflicts many seniors, it can be avoided. Michael Zimmerman, DPM, of CHI Health Clinic Foot and Ankle explains how and why taking care of your feet is important.

And if you want to talk about adventurous people, Ron Cooley has spent his life living one adventure after another. As the guitar player for Mannheim Steamroller, he spent years traveling from one worldwide locale to the next, often performing in more than one city each week. He has also mentored many students as an instructor at Creighton University.

Spring has sprung, and it is a great time to have an adventure.

This article first appeared in the "60 Plus" section of the May 2020 issue of Omaha Magazine


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