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Ingersoll Rand: Jon Sprunk

Apr 14, 2020 03:10PM ● By Kara Schweiss

Because of the industrial nature of Ingersoll Rand Compression Technologies and Services, the global company’s primary clientele is other businesses. Nevertheless, the company always strives to make connections in, and serve, the people of the communities where it operates, including Omaha. Local employees are active in volunteer activities and provide leadership to a variety of organizations, and the local team sponsors various programs from youth sports to the arts. 

“We are involved and show that we do care about the communities we work in and raise our families in,” said Jon Sprunk, the area services leader for a region that includes Nebraska and several neighboring states. “We want to be a company that gives back as our customers give to us.” 

Sprunk said that community involvement is a big part of Ingersoll Rand’s success. Employee commitment is another. The company hires talented people with a passion for customer service, he explained, and supports them through detailed training and by upholding the highest safety standards. The company is also proud to offer career development opportunities for both men and women.  

Ingersoll Rand has endured for more than 125 years and dominates its industry sector. The name carries a positive reputation, Sprunk said, because customers know they can always count on receiving the best in sales and service.

“There are a variety of companies that do compressed air. There’s a lot of competition in our markets,” he said. “Our people truly care about the customer, and that’s what makes us stand out from the competition.”

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