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Family Guide Summer Camp 2020

Mar 05, 2020 05:44PM ● By Daisy Hutzell-Rodman

Most adults have a favorite educator or two, someone who they remember as being a great influence on their lives. I remember my high school writing teacher and the high school librarian, who encouraged me to write and to read great books.

We also have those educators who we don’t remember so fondly. I remember two such teachers. In seventh grade, my geography teacher left the students alone each day with their colored pencils and plain paper on which to trace and label maps of various continents. In 10th grade, my world history teacher sat at the front of the room and had the students read the textbook and answer questions printed at the ends of the chapters each day. Every once in a while, he would show a video for a change of pace.

What I remember is their lack of energy for teaching. Our Exemplary Educator this round, Kendra Steiner, is one who will not be remembered for this. While some Exemplary Educators are chosen for awards they have won or ingenuity in the classroom, Steiner was chosen based on her boundless energy and “can-do” spirit.

Our Super Student, Dylan Folda, is known at Westside High School for being friendly to younger students, and is an enthusiastic supporter of school sports.

This issue’s Young Hero, Millard South High School student Kali Herbolsheimer, has been involved with several Unified Sports programs. She has also helped in special education classrooms and hopes to become a special education teacher someday.

Herbolsheimer, like Steiner, has an abundance of energy. In fact, energy was the comon denominator between many of my favorite educators. Perhaps Herbolsheimer will one day be remembered as a favorite teacher.

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