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Mar 02, 2020 09:29AM ● By Sandy Matson

“An open home, like an open table, is the overflow of an open heart.” —Jen Schmidt

It’s been a year since devastating floods hit the Midwest and taught us all a few lessons about the awe-inspiring power of nature, the importance of heeding warnings and being prepared, and much more. This issue’s DIY features my own lessons learned following the flood, while another story showcases a flood tragedy that is met with ‘Nebraska Nice.’ Also in this March/April edition are multiple stories of renovation. While some of the homes reuse materials, others strip the home down to its structure and rebuild. Either way, the focus is on moving forward.

Having dealt with my own renovation mess and pressure to have my home look great for hosting guests, I found an article by Rev. Jack King on “scruffy hospitality” quite insightful. In essence, the article encourages us to embrace our imperfections rather than hide them away. Rev. King said, “Scruffy hospitality means you’re more interested in quality conversation than the impression your home or lawn makes. If we only share meals with friends when we’re excellent, we aren’t truly sharing life together.” This is not to say we shouldn’t tidy up for our guests, but the principle rather eliminates the need to shred any evidence of our real, everyday (and often flawed) lives and instead focus on the personal interaction. My grandmother had this unfailing mindset that at any time, someone could stop over and should be met with coffee, cookies, and open arms.

We are all truly blessed if we have a roof over our heads, enough to eat, and family and friends to share life with. While you may not be able to control Mother Nature, you can control how you move forward. Pick up the pieces, put it back together, or even start anew. 

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