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City Wide Maintenance of Omaha

Dec 03, 2019 12:16PM ● By Sara Locke

As children we were asked regularly what we were going to be when we grew up. A better question to ask would be “How will you make a difference?”

This is the question City Wide Maintenance of Omaha Principal-Owner Meredith Cimino Erickson was answering when she first took a position with City Wide Maintenance’s flagship location in Kansas City.

“City Wide Maintenance opened in 1961, and they were doing such great things and had made such a name for themselves in how they did business, how they treated their customers, and they decided to franchise 18 years ago,” Erickson said. “I was working as a business performance coach for City Wide franchise, teaching franchise owners how to best represent City Wide in their markets. It was such a great way to learn the business, inside and out, and to really appreciate what was being done.”

That respect grew into a passion, and Erickson learned of an opportunity to buy the commercial building maintenance franchise in Omaha.

“I grew up in Texas, so Omaha’s big city-meets small town feel was really surprising for me,” Erickson said. “I loved the environment. The attitude of business owners here is so perfectly in-line with ours; businesses that see the benefit and really recognize the importance of every employee or customer feeling good about being in their facilities.  Whether that’s a thoroughly cleaned and well maintained building, with prompt, proactive maintenance, or through any means that we as a team can improve the environment of our clients. Those are the clients we want, and they’re abundant in Omaha.”

Erickson’s relationships with City Wide’s independent contractors keep their commercial maintenance customers safe, happy, and in business—with a smile that’s city-wide.

13362 Chandler Road Omaha NE 68138 402.331.1000

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Meredith Cimino Erickson, City Wide Maintenance

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