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From the Editor

Jul 19, 2019 08:24AM ● By Daisy Hutzell-Rodman

Everyone wants to leave a legacy. This issue is about legacy in business, and it spans a variety of industries. One article I enjoyed reading was our “In the Office” feature. We spotlight Legacy Design Strategies, an estate and business planning law firm. Owner and managing partner Andrew Sigerson has a special interest in history. His firm’s office showcases many interesting autographs and pieces of memorabilia.

Our main feature is about how two companies, Lueder Construction and NAI NP Dodge, share common values, such as customer service and transparency, to continue the legacy these building-industry companies have maintained for more than 100 years.

Another legacy-related article deals with telemarketing, which Omaha was known for throughout the 1980s and 1990s. This article looks at factors that made Omaha a prime hub for this important industry and how it is doing today.

We also bring you an article on two meat-industry companies in Omaha: Stoysich and Omaha Steaks. These companies started when the stockyards thrived and have continued to thrive throughout the decades.

We also bring you stories about people in this community. Michael Crabb is a vice president in the Strategic Development & Acquisition Group for Tenaska Inc. who has an eye for what will keep his company successful in the long term. Vicki Graeve-Cunningham started Thrivinci to match nonprofits with volunteers who can assist them in meaningful ways, which in turn helps the nonprofits stay solvent in Omaha.

There are many great articles in this edition, and I hope you read them all.

This letter was printed in the August/September 2019 edition of B2B Magazine.

Daisy Hutzell-Rodman 2019 A+C