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Ingersoll Rand

Mar 13, 2019 05:10PM ● By Kara Schweiss

Ingersoll Rand may be a well-known brand within the air compressor industry, but it is not the name that guarantees success for this Omaha company.

“Our people are what makes Ingersoll Rand the best in the compressed air industry,” reveals Jon Sprunk, area services leader. “We not only hire top talented people, we hire people that have a strong passion for customer service. Our customers do not buy Ingersoll Rand just because of the name, it is because of the people that they know and trust.”

The employees at Ingersoll Rand are a diverse group of community-minded people with varying education and experience. “Our people range from high school graduates through people with their master’s,” says Sprunk. Though their educations may vary, their dedication to safety and client satisfaction remains a constant.

“Our people go through various internal company training programs to be certified on not only our equipment, but our competitors’ equipment, for services.

Since safety is the number one priority for our people, all our employees hold certifications in safety and must complete courses on an annual basis that are required by our customers, our states, or our government; and complete our internal safety policies to insure all of our employees return home to their families the same way they showed up.” Sprunk added that he and his employees are honored and appreciative of every award they receive from the community.

Though Ingersoll Rand is a global company, the local employees are active members of the Omaha community. “Our people are involved throughout our communities in volunteer work—as active members of chambers of commerce, leadership groups, and Habitat for Humanity; and as coaches and sponsors of youth sports and youth programs of the arts,” says Sprunk. “Our sustainability as a company depends on our people being active members in the community.”

It is that community involvement and employee dedication that has helped propel Ingersoll Rand forward for over 100 years. “When you have people on your team that all believe and want the same thing, you become an over-125-year-old company that still gets voted the best by your customers,” said Sprunk.

Ingersoll Rand has a strong focus on their clients. “We love what we do because of the customers that we get to work with in our industry. It is such an exciting business to be part of,” said Sprunk. “We have the privilege of working with these businesses and learning why they are passionate about the products they build. We are grateful that we get to be part of that and that our customers trust us to be their partner.”

With dedicated, experienced employees and a robust client base for which they are grateful, it is no wonder Ingersoll Rand dominates the air compressor industry in sales and service.

“We believe we make the best products in the world,” said Sprunk. “Our people understand the bigger picture of what our obligation is to our customers, as well as our communities, and that is why we continue to grow.”

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