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Cushman & Wakefield/The Lund Company

Mar 13, 2019 05:11PM ● By Kara Schweiss

The formal name is Cushman and Wakefield/The Lund Company, but, when referencing the business, customers most likely refer to it simply as “Lund.” That is because customers are really thinking about their personal point of contact. They think of the property manager or associate who has been with them from the beginning, who takes phone calls and replies to emails as though there were no such thing as office hours. The person who cares if a question has been answered.

When customers think of the name Lund, they smile, and think of the expertise their team member brings to the table every time they discuss a property. There is no sales pressure, only passion to create a successful match. To make that happen, Lund needs to understand their customers, and where those customers are going.

For more than 30 years, Lund has been counted among the elite commercial real estate brokerage firms in the Omaha and Eastern Nebraska regions. This distinction comes through performance reports, numerous property management awards, and customer satisfaction, as well as through the lens of the employee-work relationship. It is not just a pleasure working with Lund, it is a pleasure working for Lund.

Lund does more than manage buildings, they build relationships. Earning customers’ trust is a privilege, and maintaining it is the top priority. Customers see this relationship honored and celebrated far beyond the sale, as their team continues to learn and fight for the best for each client.

While customers are a high priority, the only way to keep them happy is to be a supportive and growth-minded company. Providing an inclusive and encouraging workplace helps every member of the staff become the best they can be.

Lund proudly offers volunteer time off, “VTO,” which is paid time off of work for employees interested in taking time away to make the community a better place. The company believes that strong, happy, whole people in an inclusive and encouraging environment not only make Lund a better company, but make the world a better place.

Relationships are built from scratch, and that is exactly how Lund approaches each new client and project—with a fresh perspective rooted in a tradition of excellence. Every action taken by Lund is driven by ethics. Customers never have to specify that a property, home, or office should be well maintained, as this is considered a base standard. Pristine appearances backed by staff who takes pride in every aspect of their job, from first impressions to lasting performance.

Customers are never on their own with Lund. Whether someone has a high-maintenance project or simply needs immediate answers, a full-time Customer Care Department is always ready to take a call.

With a global reach and a local touch, Lund has all of a customer’s property acquisition needs covered—from brokerage services to property maintenance, assets management, to project development.

With a tag line of “at the intersection of real estate and real life,” Lund knows that it all starts with people.

450 Regency Parkway, Suite 200 Omaha, NE 68114 402.393.8811

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