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Prime Time 2019

Jan 03, 2019 01:18PM ● By Tara Spencer

A couple of years ago, I saw a book featuring older people from California and New York dressed to the hilt, telling stories of their life experiences.

I thought, “Omahans have many stories to tell, too!” The January/February 2018 issue of Omaha Magazine was our first “Prime Time” story with unforgettable people. It was well-received, and here we are again.

The models were chosen by talking to people, getting recommendations for men and women who are 60-plus. Model candidates had to be active in the community, live interesting lives, and had to be sharp, upbeat, and youthful.

The questions asked of each person were challenging, and their answers and advice are amazing.

We asked them their age, what has been most important to them in their lives, and about their careers and challenges. We also asked what accomplishments they are most proud of and what brings them happiness. Finally, we asked them for advice about living life, aging gracefully, and looking good at any age.

There were some surprises. Marian Andersen, 90, is always going somewhere—every time I talked with her she was just getting home and was on her way out the door. This busy lady is still driving.

Tom Tomoser, 79, has a 3-year-old daughter and a 61-year-old son. All of the subjects are very busy living life.

Everyone was great to talk to and open to suggestions on attire and locations for photos. We wanted to depict their personalities and styles. Many thanks to photographers Heather and Jameson Hooton for their beautiful photography.

Thank you to all who participated. You have such interesting lives. You show us that you can look good at every age and to live every day anew.

Influencers included here:

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