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John Mangiameli

Dec 27, 2018 11:59AM ● By John Mangiameli
Editor's note: These autobiographical pieces and corresponding photos are part of a special edition of 60PLUS featuring local residents who prove that fashion has no age limits. Click here for the full list of featured models. 

John Mangiameli, 63

I started my business (Creative Hair Design Salon & Spa) with three employees and have grown to over 95 employees. We just expanded and remodeled the whole company, which cost more than $500,000. We have over 850 years of combined experience within our staff, with some employees celebrating 30 years of employment.

I find happiness in being able to hire a young employee and help them develop into a successful designer. By doing so, the employee is able to buy a home and invest in the company’s 401K, often creating a sizeable fund. Love, support, faith, and family are the cornerstones to hiring an employee and helping them develop a successful career.

As for my personal life, I find great joy in my eldest daughter, who is a mechanical engineer, and my younger daughter who is a manager in my business. I love to go racing with my son and watch him drive a race car with precision and passion. He most recently placed second in the National Auto Sport Association Championships in Austin, Texas, at the world-famous Formula One track—Circuit of the Americas. Being married to my beautiful wife and business partner for 39 years has brought me constant support and happiness.

I stay young at heart by exercising on a regular basis, and I eat and drink everything in moderation. I also love to go skiing in Colorado every year.

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John Mangiameli standing in front of Mazda racer with right foot propped up on front