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Greg S. Cutchall

Dec 27, 2018 12:07PM ● By Greg S. Cutchall
Editor's note: These autobiographical pieces and corresponding photos are part of a special edition of 60PLUS featuring local residents who prove that fashion has no age limits. Click here for the full list of featured models. 

Greg S. Cutchall, 66

I am the president and CEO of Cutchall Management Co. I have also been husband to Molly Cutchall for 19 years, and we have three children and four grandchildren.

When I think back on my accomplishments, I am most proud of my family, and of not only surviving, but flourishing in a tough business (restaurants) for 36 years.

My family brings me happiness, as do my friends, and I also enjoy helping my employees grow and succeed within my company.

My advice for living life is to enjoy every day, look for the positive, and don’t sweat the small stuff. As for aging gracefully, I think I’m lucky to have good genes, but I also think people should stay active and engaged in both work and life.

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