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November/December 2018 Between the Lines

Oct 29, 2018 03:22PM ● By Lindsay Wilson
Dylan LongwellEditorial Intern

Dylan Longwell is an Omaha native with a passion for writing and exploring. He aspires to connect with others beyond the superficial level, as he believes that’s what drives culture forward in a positive way. At his job at Blue Moon Fitness, Longwell is exposed to the diversity of Omaha and strives to continually broaden his perspective on the city. He will earn a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in December 2018. Upon graduating, he hopes that his writing can help bring Omaha’s sometimes divided segments of the society closer together. Easier said than done, right? If Longwell isn’t working or studying, then he is probably spending time with family, friends, or lounging around the house with his cat, Slim.

Kate LoeckeManagerial Assistant

If you’re looking for Kate Loecke, check the racetrack. Loecke grew up in a family with more than 50 years of experience in competitive driving. She became active in the sport competitively about a year ago after her mother passed away. Nowadays, she travels and races with the Cornhusker Corvette Club. The (thus far) undefeated driver has broken multiple records and claimed the title of “Overall Top Competitor” in one of her family’s 15 Corvettes. But she hasn’t done it alone. Loecke says her mother is always there with her in the car in spirit. Although Loecke feels at home behind the wheel of her favorite yellow ’67 Corvette, she hopes to one day take a break from racing to visit Ireland—her dream vacation—before getting back to the track.

Sandra MartinContributing Writer

Sandra Martin is no stranger to Omaha Magazine. In her early days as a freelance writer, Martin’s many articles for the magazine featured offbeat topics such as a local coven of witches (“Do a Few Rites Make It Wrong?”) and what it's like to be imprisoned in the Nebraska State Penitentiary. Martin has also written local and national ad copy and a weekly newspaper column focusing on human-interest stories, or “whatever was going on in my life at the time.” A later freelance assignment to write a video script opened up a whole new world and led to her not only writing but producing videos. In the early 1990s, she achieved her dream of producing a documentary collection titled “View from the Inside,” to help people better understand various life experiences.

Sol MarburgMarketing Intern

Sol Marburg is a junior pursuing his bachelor’s degree in marketing at Drake University in Des Moines. When not studying or working at Omaha Publications, Marburg does marketing work for the Jewish Federation in Omaha and is involved in the community it serves. He is also a passionate car enthusiast, and he organized the monthly Countryside Cars & Caffeine car show at Countryside Village during the summer. Aside from his time studying in Des Moines, Marburg has lived his whole life in Omaha and loves it here—though he also enjoys traveling whenever he can. His other hobbies include biking and writing. He hopes to pursue a career in advertising or possibly open his own vintage car dealership.

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