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Gesu Housing, Inc.

Aug 15, 2018 01:00PM ● By Sponsored Content

Mission Statement

The mission of Gesu Housing Inc. is to provide economical, energy-efficient housing to North Omaha families.

Our hope is that building these homes will continue the efforts of other non-profit organizations that seek to stabilize and restore neighborhoods throughout the city.

Wish List

Financial donations can easily be made online on our website or Facebook.

Upcoming Events

Help Build a House at Champions Run Golf Event July 29, 2019


Since 2002, Gesu Housing, founded by the Rev. Mike Wilmot, S.J., and directed by Dale Barr Jr., has built 52 Energy Star 3.0-certified homes in the Clifton Hills South/Girls Inc. neighborhood of North Omaha. The area is racially diverse and economically challenged. The goal of Gesu Housing is to address the issues of poverty and neighborhood decline in North Omaha by turning renters into first-time homebuyers with affordable mortgage payments as well is filling vacant lots with new three-bedroom homes.

Brag Lines

Gesu Housing was given the 2016 Community Excellence Award from the State of Nebraska as well as from the City of Omaha. Studies have shown that the best way to stabilize a neighborhood is to provide families with quality, energy-efficient homes in a neighborhood that is racially and economically diverse. Removing vacant lots and blighted houses and replacing them with new homes impacts the stabilization of neighborhoods with permanent residents.

Pay it Forward

The need for these services is great—and Gesu Housing needs help to make sure they can continue to help worthy families within our communities.  While other initiatives regarding community redevelopment and jobs are beginning to successfully take hold in North Omaha, affordable housing is the foundation without which other North Omaha economic recovery projects cannot succeed.

Gesu Housing, Inc

5008 Dodge St., Suite B Omaha, NE 68132 402-614-4773

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