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Art, Travel, and Adventure

Apr 25, 2018 04:33PM ● By Doug Meigs
Like any good book (or, ahem, magazine), art has the power to transcend space and time. Artworks have been transporting viewers to far-off places and eras since the earliest days of cave paintings, through the Renaissance masters, and into the present.

The new issue of Omaha Magazine also aspires to take readers on exciting journeys from the comfort of wherever they may be reading.

A travel/adventure theme carries throughout the main feature well of the magazine’s city edition.

Story subjects include a local family of skydivers, the postmodern Oregon Trail, and Nebraska’s “Beermuda Triangle” (by bicycle), along with adventure-seeker profiles ranging from a scuba-diving quadriplegic to a tractor puller and more.

With adventure and travel in mind, we thought it would be appropriate to partner with Joslyn Art Museum for a magazine launch party that connects the articles in our (non-themed) A+C and Dining departments with the rest of the city edition’s adventure/travel stories.

We scheduled the issue’s magazine launch (Monday, April 30) to correspond with the final week of Word/Play, Joslyn’s exhibition of Ed Ruscha’s artwork. Ruscha was born in Omaha, and this issue of Omaha Magazine features his profile.

With so much other great art in the permanent collection of Joslyn, we could not pass this opportunity to connect the new issue’s launch with the museum’s abundant collection of adventure/travel-inspired artworks.

Joslyn staff came up with a list of 10 fun scavenger hunt questions that not only touch upon themes of travel and adventure, but also require actual exploring of the museum to come up with answers.

“Remember that general admission to Joslyn Art Museum is always free!” says Amy Rummel, director of marketing and public relations at Joslyn. “All of the answers can be found in our permanent collection galleries, so come hunt during any of our regular public hours at no cost.”

The first three people who successfully complete the scavenger hunt (posted to the website will receive prizes provided by Omaha Magazine advertisers.

May/June Magazine Launch Party

Although Joslyn is normally closed on Mondays, the museum is opening specially for Omaha Magazine’s May/June launch party. Joslyn’s Memorial Building galleries will remain closed for the event and will reopen during normal museum hours.

Featuring: Free hot dogs, musical performances (including one by Miwi La Lupa, profiled in this issue), admission to Joslyn’s Pavilion galleries of modern and contemporary art, and free admission to the ticketed exhibition Word/Play: Prints, Photographs, and Paintings by Ed Ruscha (normally $10 for adults).

Admission: Free Where: Joslyn Art Museum, 2200 Dodge St. When: Monday, April 30 (5-7 p.m.) RSVP:

Joslyn Museum Scavenger Hunt Questions

  1. Horses are a great way to navigate difficult terrain. Travel to the gallery featuring Asian art. How many horses are depicted in that gallery?
  2. Although not boots, the four items in this case were made for walkin’. Which two distinct types of footwear—one traditional, one modern—are shown together in the case? [Hint: the work of Native American artists]
  3. This contemporary Native American work depicts three modes of transportation in one sculpture. What are they?
  4. Sometimes travel is plagued by stormy weather. What is the title of the painting in Joslyn’s permanent collection that depicts such a situation, specifically at the conclusion of a trip featuring illegal activity? [Hint: European]
  5. To paint one of the works displayed in Joslyn’s permanent collection galleries, French Impressionist artist Claude Monet traveled to a coastal Italian village. What was this village called?
  6. A canoe is a means of adventurous water travel. How many canoes are pictured in Joslyn’s permanent collection galleries? [Hint: Art of the American West galleries 7–9]
  7. Many a family travel adventure ends at this awe-inspiring geological site. What is it, and who painted it? [Hint: an artist-explorer of the American West]
  8. Two men find themselves traveling through one of America’s most iconic intersections/entertainment districts/destinations. Name it.
  9. The crew of the Starship Enterprise spent much of their time traveling here. Name the work and the artist. [Hint: this painter was no drip]
  10. A common form of transportation that settlers used to go west was the covered wagon. How many family members are riding in Joslyn’s large covered wagon? [Hint: venture outdoors]
BONUS: Joslyn is home to a world-renowned collection of work by a young Swiss artist who traveled the upper Missouri with a German explorer. Name this duo.

This article was printed in the May/June 2018 edition of Omaha Magazine.

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