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Scott Robertson

Apr 07, 2018 11:22AM ● By Janet Tilden
Imagine flying nonstop from Omaha to any airport in North or South America and Europe, at any time of the day or night. According to UltraAir LLC President Scott Robertson, a major advantage of chartered air travel is the time it saves. “Some of our customers go to three different destinations and return to Omaha the same day,” he remarks. “And their time en route is more productive because they can hold business meetings on the airplane.”

Since 2002, UltraAir has provided charter flights to customers in the Omaha area. Safety is the company’s top priority. “We don’t feel that the FAA’s minimum requirements are stringent enough,” Robertson explains, “so we go to great lengths to exceed them. We get independent audits every year from two different organizations that come in and look at all of our policies and procedures and operations. We’re constantly analyzing everything we do and trying to do it more safely and more efficiently.”

In addition to providing chartered jet travel for companies and individuals, UltraAir performs acquisition, management, and maintenance services for airplane owners.  

UltraAir LLC 3737 Orville Plaza  402.345.7372

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