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Ron and Andrew Popp

Apr 07, 2018 11:55AM ● By Janet Tilden
Those with a sweet tooth already know that lunch or dinner at Wheatfield’s should always include dessert. The toughest challenge will be deciding what to order. 

According to Ron Popp, who owns and operates Wheatfield’s with wife Ruth Ann and son Andrew, Strawberry Wedding Cake is the most popular selection. “Most wedding cakes are dry because they’re made more for looks and structure rather than eating,” Ron says. “We figured out how to make a moist, creamy-tasting white wedding cake with a whipped-cream-based frosting.”

Cinnamon rolls are another popular choice, as are “favorite brownies.” If someone feels indecisive, Ron suggests the temptation tray: “We take all the bars that we make from scratch and cut them into bite-size pieces.” 

Among the take-home options available are homemade candies crafted by Andrew: fudge, divinity, peanut butter balls, and caramel corn, among others. Andrew’s talent for making candy comes naturally, according to Ruth Ann. She explains, “My grandfather was a candy maker, and I think it’s cool that Andrew also has a knack for it.”   

Wheatfield’s Eatery and Bakery 1224 S. 103rd St., Omaha, NE 68124 402.955.1485

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