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Howard Kucera

Apr 06, 2018 05:20PM ● By Janet Tilden
According to Nature’s Helper owners Howard and Tina Kucera, people can save a lot of money by installing or upgrading their current sprinkler system components with customized, water-efficient irrigation solutions.

“Since 2007 we’ve saved about 200 million gallons of water—more than half a million dollars on water bills—for our customers,” Howard says. 

By using a combination of water-efficient sprinkler heads, drip irrigation in landscaped areas, and innovative smart controllers, Nature’s Helper can customize an irrigation system to match the specific needs of their customers. 

Homeowners can control their irrigation system remotely using a smartphone app.“You just need a Wi-Fi communication stick that talks to the controller,” Howard explains. “Customers love this option because not only can they control their system from their phone, but if they need assistance, Nature’s Helper can gain remote access as well.”

 Founded by Howard in 1998, Nature’s Helper earned first place in the irrigation category in the 2018 Best of Omaha contest. Howard notes, “It’s an exciting time as we celebrate 20 years in business and move towards future expansion.”   

Nature’s Helper 14505 Grover St., Suite 113, Omaha, NE 68144 402.334.2625

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