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Kate Geiger

Dec 22, 2017 01:22PM ● By Kate Geiger
These autobiographical pieces and corresponding photos are part of a special edition of 60PLUS featuring local residents who prove that fashion has no age limits.

Kate (Laux) Geiger, 80

I am proud of my Duchesne upbringing. It was part of my daily life as a student, and it continues to be part of my daily life to this day.

I married Jerry Geiger, an ophthalmologist, on Dec. 31, 1960. Jerry served two tours as a flight commander in Vietnam.

After his internship at the old Methodist hospital, we left for Pensacola, Florida. After that, we went to Newport, Rhode Island, and then Coronado, California. We moved to upstate New York for his residency in ophthalmology, and we moved back to Nebraska in 1975. We traveled a lot for medical meetings and spent many winters in Arizona.

During our time on the East Coast, we sometimes took weekends to drive around the historic mansions of Newport, Rhode Island. One was the Auchincloss Mansion, where Jackie Kennedy grew up. We once saw President John F. Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy playing golf. They waved and said, “Hi and welcome.” I held up our two boys and said, “We have a John-John also!” They were very gracious.

I love to cook. When the kids came home from school, they would open the refrigerator and ask who moved to town, was sick, or died. I always made twice what we needed. It became a running joke.

When I am cooking, I am the happiest. I’ve enjoyed hosting parties for 50-to-100-person crowds, friends, and people I love.

One time, I was cooking a beef tenderloin (the same way I had done for 30 years), and Jerry came in the kitchen three times. He asked, “Is this the way to do this?” I waved the knife in the air and said, “I’ll tell you what. I will go to surgery with you tomorrow and help you. Need I say more?”

I’m very proud of our four children—two boys and two girls—and nine grandchildren; they are all remarkable young adults.

Jerry and I have adjusted quite well to each other after 57 years. Love and faith help.


This article was printed in the January/February 2018 edition of Omaha Magazine.