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Futuramic's Clean Water Center

Nov 17, 2017 07:00AM ● By Michael Watkins

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In August 1969, Phil Rhodes Sr. started a business selling, renting, and servicing commercial and residential water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and other water devices to handle most water problems.

Today, 48 years later, the business—Futuramic's Clean Water Center—is going strong and continues to grow and evolve by serving new markets and supplying customers with the latest technology.

“We believe in constantly adjusting to new ideas and keeping up on new equipment,” Rhodes says. “Today’s consumers are very knowledgeable, and when they have a question, we need to have the answers for them.”

In addition to water treatment, Futuramic's Clean Water Center also furnishes water dispensing systems for retail grocers and others largely in the Midwest within a 150-mile radius of Omaha — but has new and longtime customers as far away as St. Louis and eastern Iowa.

“We are a family business with very dedicated employees and family members,” Rhodes says. “We also have great customers, some of whom have been with us most of our 48 years.”

1514 S. Saddlecreek Road Omaha, NE 68106


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