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Aug 23, 2017 02:17PM ● By Daisy Hutzell-Rodman

Simmering cider, sweaters, and boots—what a breath of fresh air this season brings after a hot and humid summer.

Should we take a cue from the shedding foliage to realize less is more? That’s the direction I’m leaning these days, as I try to downsize my home-remodeling projects. Hopefully, the clutter (and the associated stress) will be a thing of the past when the projects are complete.

Speaking of simplicity, what a treat awaits within these pages. Neil Astle—an award-winning architect who was based in Omaha—was a major innovator of midcentury modern style. Although the architect is no longer alive today, two of Astle’s Omaha homes continue to inspire homeowners.

Home legacies have a funny way of coming into the lives of new homeowners. I was pleasantly surprised reading the story of artist Eugene Kingman’s home and the murals he painted inside. The home’s new residents were instrumental in retrieving a different mural from The New York Times, which now hangs in the downtown branch of the Omaha Public Library.

Guess what iconic Nebraska scene appeared in the home’s private mural? Cornfields!

Cornfields were also the perfect backdrop for my fall DIY project: the fifth installment of my year-long dressing room remodel. The outdoors setting for the photos make me nostalgic, reminding me of my childhood home on the farm in Iowa.

Now, cuddle up by the bonfire or under your favorite cozy, fuzzy throw and enjoy our latest fall issue.