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Omaha Magazine Helps Fight Deforestation

May 24, 2017 03:12PM ● By Daisy Hutzell-Rodman

Did you know that Omaha Magazine Ltd. has joined an innovative program to help fight deforestation?

The initiative, called Print Relief, plants the number of trees equal to our printing needs by calculating the trees consumed by the printing of our magazine. They plant the number of trees equal to our tree usage in endangered forests around the world.

In the next year alone, this international program will allow us to be responsible for the planting of almost 10,000 saplings in biomes around the globe that have been ravaged by deforestation.

We know that you’d never dream of tossing a copy of Omaha Magazine (heaven forbid), but you can do your part by recycling all of the other paper materials that pass through your home.

Just so you know: Omaha Magazine doesn’t clearcut the rain forest to get its paper stock. For the most part, the wood used to make the pulp for our paper is scrap wood, salvaged wood, or wood from trees that were planted like any renewable crop. It would be a lie to say the production and distribution of that paper doesn’t have an environmental impact, but it is much smaller than widely believed.


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