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Nancy Schlessinger

May 11, 2017 11:00AM ● By Kara Schweiss
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Women are not just major consumers of skin care products and services, they also tend to be the decision-makers for the entire family when it comes to skin care, says Vice President Nancy Schlessinger. So it should come as no surprise that more than 85 percent of LovelySkin and Skin Specialists employees are women, that most managerial roles are filled by women, or that board-certified dermatologist (and Nancy’s husband) Dr. Joel Schlessinger has always valued the input of women in his practice.

“Many employees have been with him for 10 or more years and have grown from entry-level positions to higher management positions,” Nancy Schlessinger says. “This is made possible due to the friendly and fast-paced but exciting environment with ample opportunities available for both women and men.”

Schlessinger describes the workplace atmosphere as “fun” and “like a second family home” where hard work, attention to detail, and a sense of humor are all valued.

“We like to hang out together even when we’re not working, whether at a Taylor Swift concert, a companywide Halloween costume contest, or just having a tailgating picnic in the fall sunshine,” she explains. “Our female employees are a diverse group of smart, creative, incredibly hard-working women who take ownership for their part of the business.”

And that business is incredibly successful. Customers and patients benefit not only from Dr. Schlessinger’s 20 years of dermatology clinic and research experience (and excellent connections), but also a team of award-winning estheticians, an unparalleled research department, and the best beauty supply store in Omaha three years running.

“We have national product trainers on site every week, training our staff members on the latest products and breakthroughs in skin care and often offering advice for individual patients and customers on brands that are important to them. This is simply unheard of in this field,” Schlessinger says. “Additionally, to have a store with over 350 unique skin brands and over 15,000 individual products is astonishing. There isn’t another store in the world that offers this much skin care inventory in one place.”

The staff operates on the sincere belief that everyone can achieve healthy, beautiful skin, she adds.

“We hope our customers keep coming back because they know we love them. ‘LovelySkin loves you’ is at the heart of our customer outreach and on every single box we send out. We apply that mantra to our customer service and train our employees to live that as well,” she says. “Many of our patients come to us for childhood issues and return as teenagers for acne, while their parents trust us with their adult skin concerns, such as wrinkles and cancer prevention.”

Helping people put their best face forward and feeling confident is an important responsibility, she says. “We like to be known for the difference we made in the lives of the women and men of Omaha and all over the world as well as the lives of our valued employees.”

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