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Tracy L. Hightower-Henne and Susan Reff

Apr 28, 2017 07:00AM ● By Kara Schweiss
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Under the Hightower Reff Law logo, you’ll often see the words “Confident. Clear. Committed.”  This female owned and dominated firm strives to make the phrase more than just a tagline: “Confident. Clear. Committed.” It’s the firm’s guiding principal and how partner attorney owners Tracy Hightower-Henne, Susan Reff, and their associate attorneys practice law—and how Hightower-Henne and Reff say they run the firm.

The downtown Omaha family law and criminal defense/DUI firm helps clients navigate the legal system during what can be the most stressful time in the client’s life. The types of cases the firm handles can be hard for clients because they impact the client’s family or their freedom. “We help people when they’re facing a challenge or a life-changing event by being their legal representative and legal advocate,” says Reff.

Making the case and the legal process as clear as possible makes a stressful time during a case easier, Hightower-Henne explains. “We think it’s really important for our clients to understand why things are happening,” she says. “I don’t know if all lawyers educate their clients on what the next steps are and what the big picture is showing,” Reff adds. “We give them options and let them decide what they want to do, but we can give them advice as to one option being a better option over another and use our experience to guide them.”

The firm’s four attorneys and their three-person support staff work as a team. “We regularly meet to go over what’s happening on each case in our office, and that includes all our staff and the attorneys,” Reff says. “What we like to tell people when they hire us is that they’re hiring the whole firm to handle their case.”

Five of the seven people at Hightower Reff Law are female, including both partner attorney owners. “We’re a woman-owned business and that’s something we take a lot of pride in,” Reff says.  “We want to be known for being really good lawyers, too,” Hightower-Henne adds. Reff agrees, being respected as good lawyers is the most important thing for both partners and the firm. “We want people to know we’re compassionate and effective, and that we’re committed to our clients. We have high ethical standards, and we want to be known for having a great reputation,” says Reff.

Having a great reputation means word gets around, and a number of clients come to the firm after asking friends and family for recommendations. “That’s the biggest compliment, when we have referrals from past clients,” Hightower-Henne says.

Hightower Reff’s partner attorneys share their legal expertise in other ways, too. Hightower-Henne is Executive Director of the Nebraska Innocence Project, a nonprofit that gives free legal representation to people in prison who have been wrongly convicted. Reff serves as a guardian ad litem, where she represents the interests of children in abuse and neglect cases as well as in custody, emancipation, and adoption cases.

1625 Farnam St., Suite 830 Omaha, NE 68102 402.932.9550

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