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Trish Cody

Jan 02, 2017 02:40PM ● By Judy Horan
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Trish Cody had top security clearance as a linguist in the U.S. Air Force for five years. It was an interesting challenge. But when she found that she and her husband, Tony, couldn’t be stationed together, she decided to be the one to leave the military. “He outranked me and made more money,” she remembers.

Cody began the cyber security and digital forensics company, 12 Points Technologies. Her husband is co-owner.

“I found moving into technology was a good fit because I enjoyed critical thinking,” she says. “I like technology. It’s always changing. That’s what drew me to this particular field.

“It’s like a think tank here,” she says. “We use the same tools and processes that the FBI uses.”

12 Points Technologies employees get exposed to tools and processes they can’t get their hands on elsewhere in Omaha. “What I love about our employees is they love learning new stuff,” she says.

Cody actively seeks out new and emerging technologies that are not often accessible in the middle of the country. “We go to London or wherever,” she says. “A lot of times we are the first to bring the technology into the Midwest. We get the greatest and newest. That’s core to our business.”

She says there are other national companies providing cyber security, but none offer such comprehensive services locally: “From compliance assessment to network security assessment, consulting, and recommendations. We can lock down all your security loopholes.”

Digital forensics involve extracting and preserving evidence for digital devices, usually for criminal or civil court cases.

“We can take digital devices and extract all pertinent information…We analyze that data and also provide mediation or expert witness testimony,” she says.

Technology companies do some form of cyber security, making sure firewalls are up to date. Cody’s company operates differently, with end use security that actually blocks malware.

“We can keep it from happening in the first place,” she says. “We secure your network and computers so we can go in and be sure the way you are set up is secure from hacking.”

Despite what you may have heard, technology is not just a guy thing. There are many women in IT in the Omaha area. Networking groups like “Women in Technology” bring them together.

“Our traditional roles have changed the last 20 years. Girls growing up are exposed to more and being told they can go out and do amazing things and that they can be the CEO of a company,” says Cody.

While headquartered in Omaha, 12 Points Technologies has clients in other cities, including a division in Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

Customers return because of the company’s service, attention, and care, says Cody.

“We have an incredible depth of knowledge and service. No matter what it is, we can fix it for them.”

3738 S. 149th St., Suite 116 Omaha, NE 68144 402.401.6805



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