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Colored Concrete

Jul 22, 2016 01:57PM ● By Daisy Hutzell-Rodman
Taking on an outside project in the spring here in Nebraska can be tricky, but I was up for the challenge. In between all the rain and wind we had this spring, I finally found a day to tackle this.

We don't have a large patio in our backyard, so last year we added a bit more concrete; however, it gave the patio an unfinished look that never sat well with me. After acquiring a quote to have the concrete stained, the estimated cost gave me plenty of reasons to try tackling this project myself.

SandysMakeover1After persuading my husband to help and viewing instructional YouTube videos, we were on our way. I used a product called Endurable Concrete Stain, sold locally at Logan Contracting Supply. This product came highly recommended for many reasons, including that it is long lasting and extremely easy to apply. It is also free of toxic solvents. The drying times were fast and the color choices were outstanding.

I wanted a warm look, with a lot of variation, so I went with three colors. You will want to seal the concrete, and the Endurable Sealer is also a superior product that is easy to apply. Give it at least 24 hours to dry and then decorate it however you like. That, for me, is the fun part, and I chose some plants and flowers as well as some easy-to-hang DIY curtains. Making these were so simple. I purchased canvas tarps from Home Depot along with a grommet kit and some small, strong hooks. When you have finished them, just hang them from your deck or pergola. You can achieve many versions of this, and all can be found on the internet. Have fun bringing the inside out to enjoy during the summer!

Again, I would like to thank Brain Hudgens from Endurable Concrete products for all his help and supplying the products for my project, as well as Matt Melichar from Logan Concrete Supply here in Omaha for his guidance and helpful tips.  OmahaHome

Visit for more information on the product I used. And, as always, please reach out if you would like to ask any questions or have any concerns.


Items Needed:
  • Tape
  • Plastic or paper
  • Spray bottle
  • Stain
  • Sealer
  • 2-3  extra smaller buckets for mixing stain and acetone into
  • Acetone
  • Chapin Acetone Sprayer
  • Power wash your area, use some elbow grease to remove any stubborn stains, and let your concrete dry.
  • Cover areas you do not want to apply stain to with plastic or paper and tape them down.
  • Please read all instructions on the products at least one day prior to starting your project.
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