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Jams, An American Grill

Apr 08, 2016 10:27AM ● By Tamsen Butler

Although Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery recently became a second Jams location in the Old Market, some aspects of the former brewery remain.

“We spent around $300,000 for a remodel of the space,” says Greg Cutchall, owner of Jams. “It was mostly cosmetic; we didn’t have to do a lot to the kitchen. We did retain the table taps that Rock Bottom had.”

The table taps are two large booths featuring tables with embedded beer taps so customers can serve themselves. Beer from these taps is bought by the ounce and charged to the customer’s credit card. Cutchall also says they brought back artist Shelly Bartek, who created the four paintings along the east wall of the building, which is located at 11th and Harney streets. Bartek painted over the Rock Bottom Brewery logo and incorporated Jams’ logo into the art.


The decision to convert Rock Bottom Brewery into Jams, An American Grill was easy, Cutchall says. “It’s been a great move for us. We like that it’s a local brand whereas Rock Bottom was a national brand. Rock Bottom was more of a beer-centric concept. Jams is more wine-centric. We still have a great selection of beers, with 16 beers on tap, and a wine list of 120 wines.”

Fans of the original Jams on Dodge Street will notice a few differences when visiting the new Old Market location. “It’s a lot bigger,” says Cutchall. “We can seat a lot more people.” New wine coves, and chandeliers as well as pendant lighting, add to the ambience of the restaurant. Chris Wray, managing partner, is particularly excited about one special feature at the new location.


“Personally, I really dig the patio,” says Wray. “When the weather turns nicer in the spring it would be nice to have a little two-piece or three-piece band to play and have all the windows open so you can hear them outside and in.” The patio boasts ample seating and attractive tables and seats.

Wray says that the great thing about Jams is the come-as-you-are vibe. “You can be in a suit and tie or you can just have finished up at the gym and you’re going to have a great experience,” he says. Wray described the second Jams location as “revitalizing” and Cutchall described it as “fantastic.” The move has proven successful, reports Cutchall, as sales were up 25 percent (as of early January) from when the location was Rock Bottom. “We’re really happy,” he adds.

The menu varies between the two locations, but the Sunday brunch that the original Jams is known for will soon be at the Old Market location as well. If venturing to either Jams location with a particular menu item in mind, it is a good idea to call ahead and ask if your preferred dish is available.

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