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TD2 Touts B4B

Nov 24, 2015 10:13AM ● By Wendy Wiseman
In 2017, TD2 Engineering and Surveying turns 50. This is another example of an Omaha-based company that has put years on the calendar by simply going heads-down serving clients—and helping them grow.

TD2 is a specialized repository of resources for architects, builders, developers, and municipalities providing land survey and civil, structural, geotechnical, and environmental engineering services. But it’s more than that.

TD2 digs in (excuse the pun) to more fully understand the project at hand and the desired outcomes, then applies its considerable expertise of 60-plus people, and experience on a plethora of projects throughout 48 years, to solutions that work.

“It’s more than just providing a boundary survey or construction documents and plans,” says Doug Dreessen, P.E., president of the firm. “Business is won by reputation and demonstrating that you’re in the game for your customer.  We understand what is desired in the end—an accurately detailed, aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound environment. We’re behind the scenes for our clients who need to deliver this every time.”

You likely know—and have visited—some of the projects where TD2 was behind the scenes. From the Nebraska Crossing Outlets; to TD Ameritrade’s sustainable, LEED-designed building; to Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital. What you may not know—or have visited—are TD2’s projects Summit Ridge Booster Station and 5MG Water Tank, recently completed in Papillion to provide pumping capacity and water pressure to current and future development of the community.

“Selecting a professional services teammate is one of the most important project decisions our clients make. They count on our experience, quality, and responsiveness, and we are not going to let them down,” adds Dreessen.



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