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The Crows

Oct 12, 2015 03:29PM ● By Daisy Hutzell-Rodman
Saetia Crow, age 10, sits on the couch and stretches her leg high up in the air.

Her rubbery flexibility comes from gymnastics. Saetia takes lessons through Sokol Omaha Gymnastics and enjoys being able to hang out with  her friends there.

These friends do not know that Saetia has another hobby requiring balance and flexibility.

She, her younger brother Adrien, 7, and their father, Brian, all enjoy skateboarding.

The father of two has joint custody of his kids. Five years ago he gifted each child with a board.

The family can be found some Saturday mornings at The Bay skate park in Lincoln during structured lesson time.

“We don’t have to watch out for more advanced skaters,” Brian says.

He himself is teaching his kids to ride.

Adrien, a shy little guy, hovers near his father and tries to avoid talking. Brian says it’s because there is someone new in the room.

Adrien rides straight on a board and does tricks like Half-Turtle, in which he lays with his backside on the nose of the board, his feet in the air, and pivots on the board. He also likes to ride off of curbs and is learning how to drop in, or ride down, a quarter-pipe.

Saetia also likes to perform Half-Turtle, and she can turn the skateboard around in a full spin (with a couple of stops along the way). She likes to ride on the half pipe but does not drop in.

“Adrien takes more risks on the board,” Brian says.

The family also visits Roberts Park in Omaha for their skateboarding adventures.

“Dad, is that the big bowl?” Saetia asks.

“Right,” Brian confirms.

When the kids are not skating, they, along with their father and his girlfriend, Angel Piniarski, go to skateboarding-inspired art exhibits and attend skating shows, where Saetia has acquired the signatures of such notables as Tony Hawk and Mark Gonzales.

The punk-ish fun stays at Brian’s house. Once the kids leave, the skateboarding life is hidden away, gone underground, one might say.



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