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Order From Chaos

Oct 02, 2015 02:18PM ● By David Williams
Just like the jumble of vintage chairs in the accompanying photo, the eclectic, mishmash sensibilities of Brandon Beed and Nick Huff prove that it takes a certain…something to have the power to coax order from chaos.

They’re the partners behind Hutch, the Midtown Crossing space that offers a smartly sophisticated blend of household furnishings from both design-giant manufacturers and local makers—all peppered by the most carefully selected vintage pieces.

And they’re also the prime movers behind the Omaha Food Rave, the pop-up, double-super-secret  community dining experience whose location is announced only by text and email the day of the event.

Introducing the chef, always among the city’s most notable, is an even bigger tease for the soirees held in such settings as, say, the grounds of a stately mansion. That big reveal comes only moments before the plating of the first of what is most often a five-course adventure in gastronomy.


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