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Going Nuts

Sep 18, 2015 10:52AM ● By Sandy Matson
Sometimes you only need to look in your backyard to get an unlikely inspiration. Do you want something unique, do you enjoy bringing a little of the outside in? You may be inspired to think more outside the box when creating something unique for your home.

First things first, this is not the easiest project I have done. You may need to think ahead for when you want to start, because working with nature sometimes throws you off course.

I started this project last year, knowing that pictures had to be taken in July for a September/October issue project. If you read my letter on page H9, you will know the history behind this project, and it’s worth the read.

Items Needed:

Hot glue gun

Glue sticks

Acorns/caps variety if you can

Styroform balls of different sizes

Optional moss or other dried substance for coating styroform before gluing

Start with clean acorns, then bake them on a cookie sheet at a low temperature for several hours. No, you're not cooking them, just ensuring nothing decides to creep out later (I learned the first time the hard way).

Once the acorns are baked and cooled, check them over, gluing the caps onto the acorns if they are falling, or haven fallen, off. If you want to make them shine, just use a little furniture polish and that will bring out the color. Do not polish the caps, however. Sort them by size and shape.

Start with the smallest styrofoam ball first, which is easiest to manipulate as you glue the acorns onto it. You can choose to put moss over the ball first, or anything that will help coat the ball prior to placing the acorns. If you choose to forego this step, you will see styrofoam between the nuts. Coating the ball with moss or other material also creates a more finished project.

Start in the middle and then start gluing acorns to the ball, working around it until complete. I choose to use some with caps and some without caps. I turned some of them upside down for a different look. You want to mix it up to add color and texture.

Use different size balls for interest. I like things in threes—small, medium, and large—but I wanted another texture so I added a fourth ball.

To display the pieces, I used a favorite rough-hewn bowl that helps capture the essence of the whole nature look I wanted. I placed some of the acorns at the bottom of the bowl with a little moss and an artificial tree limb to add even more drama. Then I included some candles.

It makes for a great centerpiece throughout the year by adding a little of this and that.

Think outside the box if you enjoy creating decor for your home. It is worth the time and effort, and you get something one-of-a kind!


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