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Canoe Companions

Aug 17, 2015 01:07PM ● By Kristen Hoffman
This article appears in August 2015 Her Family.

There's no way another boater is going to pick up the wrong paddles after you do this treatment. When not in the water, these handsomely rustic works of art will look great displayed in your home.

Materials: Canoe paddles Sandpaper Rags Wood stain Masking tape Spray paint Waterproof sealer

Directions: Use sandpaper to remove the paddle's varnish. Wipe down each paddle with a wet rag. The water will both remove any sawdust and help the wood absorb the stain. Stain with an old rag that you never want to see again and wait for the stain to completely dry. Have fun and be creative in your design choices. Tape off any areas that you do not want the paint to touch. Use plastic bags to mask off larger areas. Spray paint away! For the best results, cover the areas in multiple, light layers of paint. Be sure to let the paint dry completely before doing any additional taping. Peel off the tape to reveal your masterpiece! Apply waterproof clear coat. Let's get paddling! QUICK TIP: If you want to find stain or paint for free, visit Under the Sink, a household hazardous waste collection facility on 120th and "I" Street. They will hook you up. And always remember to spray paint outdoors.


Canoe Paddles

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