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Americana Meets Bohemia

Jun 29, 2015 04:16PM ● By Kristen Hoffman
Article originally published in July 2015 Her Family.

Anyone who knows me can tell you I have a bit of an obsession with American flags. They are all over my house, my keys, my clothes, etc. I consider my personal style to be a “Franken-style.” I start with some vintage Americana, stir in a pinch of natural history museum, throw in some grandma chic, and heck, why not mix in some hookah lounge?

This DIY project fits into any of these personalities (since I seem to have multiple). So, whether you are a free spirit, a shabby chic princess, or just looking for something for your kids Fourth of July party, this flag is sure to be a conversation piece.


Lightly mark the dowel rod 8 inches from the end on each side. This will give a guideline for centering the flag on the rod.

Cut out a 10x10” square of denim. I painted the stars by hand, but a star-shaped stencil or sponge may also be used if you seek a more refined look.

After the paint dries, align the left edge of the denim with the left-side mark on the rod and hot glue in place.

Cut the ribbons to varying lengths of about twice as long as you would like them to be. Fold ribbons around the wooden rod, and tie them in place until you reach the right-hand mark on the rod. Hot glue shorter pieces on the back side of the denim to complete the pattern.

Glue a ribbon across the top of the flag to conceal the knots and give the flag a finished look.


DIY July 2015


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