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All in the Family

Jun 26, 2015 03:45PM ● By Daisy Hutzell-Rodman
If you’ve hung out at The Lounge, a sophisticated eatery at the Magnolia Hotel, or sampled the fare at the newly-renovated Jams, you’ve experienced the unique design stylings of Anderson Interiors, an Omaha mother-daughter design duo.

Lindsey Anderson has been helping her mother, Lori Anderson, with design since she was 4 years old when she would tag along to the Designer Showhouse project. “When she went off to college and decided to go into interior design, it was not a surprise to anyone,” Lori says.

“I had always worked with her, so it just fell into place,” Lindsey adds.

The two are enmeshed in their working relationship and both hold degrees in interior design from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“Being a mother-daughter team, we don’t have much of a filter on expressing our likes and dislikes,” Lori says.

“Sometimes my taste will be exactly the opposite of my mother’s,” Lindsey says, but they don’t let opposing views hinder their creativity. “We’re both always asking each other’s opinion,” Lori says.

It is this effortless exchange of ideas that allows them to design spaces that they describe as “timeless, not trendy.”

“On a daily basis, we are constantly bouncing ideas off each other,” Lori says.

Because they work in so many genres, it is hard to pinpoint one signature style that could encompass their body of work. They currently have at least 20 different design projects on their plate. “Regardless of whatever style a client might be after, we can hit any look,” Lindsey asserts.

When meeting with a client about a new project, Lori says that determining how a potential space will be used is the first piece of information she seeks.

“The function is probably the first conversation we have…how the space will be used in a residential situation by the family. If it’s a hospitality situation, what are the goals for the business?”

“It’s a process of getting to know each other,” Lindsey says.


Lindsey explains that gathering images of ideas the client desires is crucial in their research. “One person’s idea of modern might not be my idea of modern, so it helps to see pictures of what ‘modern’ means to them or what ‘traditional’ means to them.”

Lindsey’s extensive research on every project and knack for hunting down new trends online or out and about has served as a revitalizing boost to a business that has developed a burgeoning client base for residential, commercial, and hospitality design for more than 25 years.

“We snap pictures a lot when we’re traveling and bring it back to our clients,” Lindsey says.

“Lindsey has found a lot of things that I never would have even thought of or found until she brought them to us,” Lori says.

The two keep a library of ideas on hand that they gather while they are out absorbing the world through travel. They love getting away from their Rockbrook Village studio to scout for ideas. “We enjoy traveling the globe, exploring cities, towns, and cultures,” Lori says.

Their sweet spot for rest and relaxation is Southern California’s Del Mar, where they enjoy the sand, sun, and strolling local art markets.

“Our creative inspiration comes from everything around us. It may be something we see on a walk, or a detail on a historic building, or a specific weave in a textile on a fashion runway,” Lori says.

Completing a project is a rewarding moment. “My favorite part of the process is the end result when I see people using the space, enjoying the space and being comfortable in the space,” Lindsey says.

Their attention to detail creates a fierce customer loyalty.

“Our clients become clients for years and years and years,” Lori explains. “I’ve had clients that I’ve done the home they live in and they’re getting to be in their 50s and 60s. You watch their kids grow up, and they starting to think about downsizing. I end up doing their second house or condo too.”

“We make a bond with the family,” Lindsey adds.

Many times their clients will repeatedly call upon the expertise of the Andersons to spruce up their living spaces. “We might not hear from them for a year, but the process never really ends,” Lindsey says.

“It seems that you’re always adding to a space, or then they decide to do an addition onto the house or they decide to finish another room,” Lori says.

The duo have formed a solid partnership that no doubt learns lessons along the way while also strengthening the special bond only a mother and daughter can have. “Working together is not effortless, but we are both creative, hard-working, and love what we do, Lori says. "We are very fortunate to have that.” AndersonInteriors2