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Side Plank

Jun 13, 2015 08:00AM ● By Rachel Joy
This article originally published in June 2015 Her Family.

The side plank strengthens the wrists, arms, abdomen, and legs. It also improves your sense of balance and concentration.

1. Begin by kneeling with hands on the ground in front of you. Keep your shoulders above the wrists and knees below the hips. Step your right foot backward to press on the ball of the back foot and step the left foot back to meet the right (plank pose). 

2. Press the hands firmly into the ground. Engage the core by pulling the belly towards the back of the spine and activate the legs.

3. Distribute all weight onto the right wrist and slowly turn onto the edge of the right foot. Stack your left foot on top of the right.

4. Engage the legs by drawing them closer together. Press through the heels towards the ground. Reach your left hand towards the sky, and gaze at the fingertips.

5. Breathe slowly and deeply three to seven times. As you exhale, place your left hand on the ground to meet the right (plank pose).

6. Repeat these steps for your left side.


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