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Livable Luxury

Jan 05, 2015 02:41PM ● By Kris Patton
As the seasons change, the weather necessitates a wardrobe overhaul. We go from shorts and sandals to sweaters and scarves, adapting to the new normal.  The seasons of our lives also change, taking us from life as a twosome to life with small children, then we live with grown children and finally come full circle to life as a twosome again.

This West Omaha family recognized a change in the seasons of their lives, and instead of requiring their home to continue to work for them like an impractical wardrobe...they made a move.

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McNeil Company Builders was entrusted with the task of building this couple’s dream home, a place where they could be comfortably cocooned in understated luxury, where they could easily entertain, and where their grown children could still call home. When the project grew in scale, McNeil Company Builders called upon Kris Patton, ASID, professional interior designer with Interiors Joan and Associates to guide these clients through the building process, assisting with selections, specifications, and furnishings.

“The team of draftsmen and architectural specialists at McNeil and Company is amazingly talented,” says Patton. “Their attention to detail and the way they take their time to ensure that every last element is executed perfectly is impeccable. It makes the process so seamless for those of us in the industry…and so enjoyable for our clients.”

Together, they produced a home with a much more open floor plan than what the client had in their current home. Space was made for a black, lacquered baby grand piano, a wine room fit for the likes of the most sophisticated sommelier, and an indoor sports court…complete with a scoreboard, naturally. Outside, the home boasts a full volleyball court, pool, and incredible outdoor kitchen.

The home has a neutral shell; Patton assembled a mix of stains, finishes, textures and architectural details to comprise a pleasing slate from which to build the textural design elements. A warm color palette of putty, stingray, and tobacco is splashed with unexpected accents of charcoal, turquoise, ruby, cerulean, and citron.

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Patton selected natural materials for many of the hard surfaces. Autumn leaf, brushed cosmos, and Alaskan white granites; greenstone countertops, wood circular accent tiles in the wine room floor, a mitered quartz firebox and hearth in the lower level, grasscloth wallcovering, and glass—lots of glass—used to accent everything from backsplashes to light fixtures with a bit of glimmer.

A clever combination of metals and finishes used in the plumbing fixtures and hardware creates an eclectic, acquired look throughout the home. Brushed nickel, stainless steel, accents of fresh gold, some chrome, and polished nickel were all used in this instance, separated only by space. The lighting fixtures in the home represent an exquisite collection of unique art pieces, and like the plumbing and hardware selections, a mix of metals creates a sensational look for the lighting. Glass discs suspended from the dinette fixture, pendants with colored glass and a textured glass center above the lower level bar area, and an alabaster fixture in the wine room are just a few of the notable lighting features.

The furnishings are upholstered in velvety fabrics that beg you to touch them; the cabinetry is finished with a grayed tobacco hue that is rich and inviting. The accessories adorning the home are sculptural and interesting. Every room boasts a custom window treatment, and the draperies feature textural patterned fabrics, nailhead detail, and distinctive hardware.

Such notable details as complimentary stone bullnose accenting each step in the home, wood beams, and gorgeous wallcoverings add to the home’s understated elegance. A perfect example of what can be achieved when a project is completed to the finish line. Every inch in this home was well thought out.

The end result? A home this family can settle in to…livable luxury, casual elegance, sensational without being ostentatious.