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HomeSpun Gold

Dec 03, 2014 08:00AM ● By Sandy Matson
Every woman I know needs a place to throw her little trinkets. Whether they are sitting pretty on your bedside stand, or by the bathroom or kitchen sink to place your pretties in, these gold bowls can be both useful and attractive accents.

You will need a full weekend to finish these because of the drying process and the several steps needed. Once you have finished, though, you’ll be tickled with the results.


  • Balloons of different sizes. I used sizes 5, 9, and 12.
  • Foam brushes
  • Newspaper, which you cut or tear into smaller strips. I spent an hour 
  • tearing up an old phone book.
  • Mod Podge. I used the matte with the yellow label.
  • Gold Leaf or Composition Gold Metal Leafing Flakes
  • Gold Leaf Sealer
  • Your choice of paint. I used both a flat and gloss for the  outside coat.
  • Use any pencil with a new eraser for the dots.


  1. Start by applying the Mod Podge onto the strips right over a balloon.
  2. Be generous and continue until you have a thick base. Apply 15 to 20 layers. If you don’t get enough layers, it will be too thin, so apply more than you think necessary. Place balloons onto paper cups and let dry for approximately 24 hours.
  3. Pop the balloon and remove the latex.
  4. Trim the edges with a scissors down to the depth that suits your tastes. I like a shallow bowl. You don’t want them perfect; each one will be a little unique.
  5. Paint the entire bowl one color. I chose white. It may take a few coats.
  6. Once dry, take the gilding adhesive or gold leaf adhesive and apply a generous coat to the inside of the bowl and top rim. I let them stand for 15 minutes.
  7. Now for the best part: Start applying the gold leaf sheets or gilding strip to the bowl using a small soft brush, tapping it into place until its completing covered. This doesn’t take a long time, but it can be a bit messy.
  8. Apply another coat to give it a nice finished look. I chose a high gloss white and went right up to the gold rim. I then sealed it with a specific gold leaf sealer found at Hobby Lobby.
  9. You can choose to add the polka dots or leave it the way it is, looks great either way.
  10. To make the dots, use a regular pencil with an eraser on the end. Dip the eraser end into the paint, tap once on a paper towel to get most of the paint off, and then sketch onto the gold part in whatever pattern and amount you like.
  11. I then sealed them again with the spray sealer.
It’s a beautiful and homemade gift that will last for years to come!