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Soccer Net

Nov 25, 2014 08:00AM ● By Jason Kuiper
John Larsen, a 50-year-old father of 12, has a lot of open space at his home in Papillion's Hickory Estates. With several of those kids playing soccer, Larsen knew a full-sized goal would get plenty of use.
Larsen has a lot of experience as a handyman. He flipped his last house and did most of the work and updates himself. But this soccer goal he built was an easy project, one that he says could be replicated easily by others.

"I have an engineering degree but you don't need one for this project," Larsen says.

Larsen says the whole project, once you purchase your supplies, takes about an hour.

He bought five 10-foot pieces of  3-inch PVC pipe, two of those were used as the top and bottom bars for the goal. He cut the other three pipes in half to serve as diagonal supports, uprights, and bottoms. He then used y-shaped joints to fit those bigger pieces in. In all, he used six 90-degree angles on the goal and everything was fitted together with PVC adhesive. To finish the project, Larsen says, he purchased a large soccer net and strung it to the pipes.

A month later, Larsen says the goal has gotten plenty of use. At his kid's urging, a second goal is currently being taken into consideration.

"We'll see..."


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