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Outdoor Living Jewel

Oct 23, 2014 04:08PM ● By Sally Shepherd
The first hint of a nip in the air this fall will be a harbinger of welcome news for more than just football fans. The homeowners of this outdoor living space say the season is when they are most active in entertaining—and just relaxing—in this cleverly conceived room.

Organic hues dominate the décor of the casually appointed space where the viewer blends with the view from this earthy perch overlooking a golf course in West Omaha. And if the warmth of the color scheme isn’t enough, a rustic fireplace and auxiliary heaters promise to chase away the chill as Mother Nature begins hers steady march toward winter.

The homeowners are also avid wine aficionados, so it’s no surprise that this space adjoins a tasting room, which then leads to a sprawling, 3,000-bottle wine cellar housing treasures from around the globe.

The project is the work of interior designer Diane Luxford, who took home a 2013 NE/IA Chapter of ASID Award for her efforts.

A calendar is a stubborn thing, but these homeowners know how to cheat the elements. Any precipitous drop in the temperate is accompanied by a corresponding drop of the space’s roll-up cladding, making this beauty just about as close as one can get to year-round outdoor living in these climes.


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