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Rolling down the River

Jul 13, 2014 09:00AM ● By Omaha Magazine Staff
It’s summertime and that means parents are driving themselves crazy looking for fun, unique ways to spend a day outside with the kids. Gretchen Klimm has found her summer paradise. She loves soaking up the rays of summer while tubing down the Elkhorn River with her kids.

“It’s a great time because the river offers lots of exploring, both on and off the water. Kids are never afraid to jump in and pull you through the shallow water either,” Klimm says.

It is a trip made possible thanks to Brock Beran and his outfitter company, Tubing & Adventures. Besides providing a great experience for families, Beran says, he considers safety and protecting the environment his top priorities. “I want everybody to have a good time, but I also want everybody to be safe and take care of the river and not litter. Our company provides the tools and knowledge to do so,” he says.

“When we are on the water, Brock is just a phone call away in case of an emergency. And he has a way to get to you fast, if needed. As a mom, that’s very comforting,” Klimm says.

Beran has an airboat always “at-the-ready” and a lifetime of experience after spending his childhood summers at his family’s cabin on the Platte River.

Beran’s, who works as a civil engineer in his “day job,” recommends the “short float trip” as ideal adventure for families because groups float in a different part of the river from other, more rowdy groups. “It’s a good option for families who don’t want to be on that party scene,” he says.

Tubers meet at the designated parking lot along the river. From there, they are bused to the entry point. “Hop off the bus, hop in your group of tubes and start floating,” Beran says.

Wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate the chance to spot a lot of different critters during the float. “There’s a lot of turtles, a lot of fish. There’s also deer and bald eagles, blue herons, frogs and toads,” he says.

Klimm says that floating is all about having fun with family and friends on the water. “When the moment arrives that we spot the sand cliff off to the left, it’s game on. First one to the top wins! As challenging as it is, it’s a ton of fun,” she says.


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