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The Ideal Summer Job

Jun 02, 2014 05:05PM ● By Kristen Hoffman
The summertime is the best time for a teenager to get a job. There is no school, good weather, and we have plenty of time on our hands. My perfect job would have to have flexible hours, decent pay, and maybe have the opportunity to work outside. Having flexible work hours is a must because I have to work around my baseball schedule. Due to this criteria, I think my perfect summer job is mowing in my neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Mowing in the summer is the best job for someone like me for a variety of reasons. The flexibility of the schedule is the main reason for this. I can choose when I mow or pick who I mow for. I can mow for a family an entire summer or just while they’re out of town. Having the option to choose who I work for allows me to never feel stuck or trapped in a situation I do not like. Being my own business also allows me to set the price I think is fair. I can negotiate the cost depending on how long it takes to mow or how big the yard is.

Working outside and getting exercise is also a big upside of mowing during the summer. After being stuck inside for a good amount of a Nebraska winter, it’s good to move around and be active. Getting paid to exercise is a great thing and I will take it every single time over just standing around.

Mowing is the best of both worlds when it comes to jobs. It is enjoyable to do and also pays very well. The addition of forming friendships with neighbors that I may not otherwise have been able to meet just makes this job even better. And for all of you aspiring entrepreneurs out there, mowing is a great way to start your own business and hit the ground running.

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