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Former Mrs. Nebraska Kim Daniels

Apr 25, 2014 09:00AM ● By Kristen Hoffman
I normally wear my tiara only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays,” quips Kim Daniels, tongue planted firmly in cheek. “And, of course, whenever I go shopping. Or to a game. Or down to the park.”

Daniels was Mrs. Nebraska 2012 and is The Scoular Company’s community relations and office manager who also serves on  the board of Heartland Family Service, the nonprofit that supports people of all incomes and ages to strengthen the lives of individuals and families through education, counseling, and other services.

“Working with Heartland Family Service has been one the most personally and professionally enriching things I’ve ever done,” says the woman who channels her inner June Cleaver in this lampooning of an Eisenhower-era, picture-of-domesticity take on the bygone role of women in America. “But what it really means is that our friends and neighbors—every member of our community—has a chance to better their lives and the lives of those around them…kids who are removed from unsafe homes, teens who made the wrong decisions about alcohol, drugs or crime, low-income families—mostly women and children—who fall into homelessness, and so many more who just need a helping hand to get back on track.”

Poking gentle fun at the sequined, scepter-toting world of pageants is something of a national pastime, but Daniels understands the true power of a title.

“The Mrs. Nebraska stage is an excellent vehicle for social advocacy, and volunteerism is foremost in their mission,” she says. “Each and every Mrs. Nebraska contestant is passionate about their community. This tiara gave me a high-visibility platform that amplified my voice when talking about the vitally important work of Heartland Family Service.”



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